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Life is great

It’s not very often that I post here, and even less when I’m happy… But I just love my life right now. Everything is going so well! I have a great job, great friends, family is doing well in their new house, I live with and am in love with the most amazing and beautiful girl I’ve ever met.

No complaints here, thanks universe for giving me a great place in my life!!

Pharaoh of Falsehoods

You spun a web inside a pyramid; to try and trap all the lies you said; but the funny truth is, baby, at the end; you, the spinning spider, end up bit.


Don’t create what you think others want; create what you most need.

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There comes a point in your life where you look back and realize that virtually everything you’ve done has been petty and silly and childish. I think this is called growing up. Sad that I realized it at 26, but thankful that my eyes have opened to the important things in life.

This trip back home to Florida to be with the best friends I’ll ever have (except for Esten and Marcus) in 2 weeks is the perfect thing to get my head straight.


"What’s your dream? What do you want?"

Watch “Depression and Desire,” a TEDx Talk by Jamie Tworkowski.

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3 inches of snow in Atlanta? Nuts.

3 inches of snow in Atlanta? Nuts.

Don’t go cryin’…. Let’s be alone together!

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